Friday, August 7, 2015

August 7


  1. four walls
    open to
    the breeze

    By trees, sand

    towel propped
    at the back

    sea plashes

    warm book
    cold drink

    1. I love your haiku-ish stuff man!

    2. It's funny, out takes a while to write the short poems. Yesterday's haiku took all day thinking about it, and today's I wrote as a much longer disorganized poem four days ago that congealed as I was trying to sleep.

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    4. Yeah, I got one yesterday as soon as I woke up and then spent all day NOT gettiung the second.

  2. Cupcakes

    Friend you are very large
    Your brain is oh so slow
    Something on digestion
    Is what brought you here,
    Gentlest of giants.

    How to get out of bed
    Move body in command
    Of feet once again
    What makes sense to you?
    For what do you care?

    Your girlfriend? Her birthday?
    What gift can be given
    From very little means?
    What’s possible for you?
    Food your favorite thing?

    Lets get you dressed and come
    Down to figure out a plan.
    Push bariatric chair
    Right to this table spot
    What gift can you bring?

    Birthday cupcake?
    Your eyes begin to sparkle
    Never such a gift
    Chocolate, Frosted white.
    We’ll find some candles too.

    We practice days with walker
    Practice in and out of car
    Then to convenience store
    Will we make it through the door
    I hand you the coins
    You find packages. You pay.

    Now Recipe box practice
    Your concentration sharp
    The dry run now is ready
    For tomorrow’s big day
    On your own.

    In no time you work
    Maneuver wooden doors
    Walker round the kitchen
    Fill muffin cups with care
    Watch the time of baking
    As birthday card you make.

    Chocolate smell now wafting
    Draws panhandler plea
    You focus on your Frosting
    Its Mulit-colored dots.
    Tenderly now tucked under protective foil
    You balance cakes upon your lap
    Unswerving, wheel away.

    I dreamt that night about you
    In wonderous weighted air
    I received your next day story
    Told with breathless pride, of
    Cupcakes shared with loved ones
    Biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

    1. Ahh, the rewards. I love this, brings us in everyone's world.

    2. Wonderful Jeanne! These are fantastic!

  3. Avoidance subspecialty: not using the phone in Ashberryian haiku lines

    One night the friends came, she and they wanted pizza; how to order it?
    I’m strange I explain, I hate speaking on the phone — where are the bodies?
    Us too the friends say; not to talk to anyone for business is bliss.
    My daughter nodded. It’s well known that phoners suck. Inferior types.
    We use our machines; google reveals miracles. Z pizza online!
    A dream’s fulfillment in front of 3 witnesses: delivery sans phone.

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  5. Dear diary,
    The Marines came into the store today. They didn't give us any warning, just pulled up with several large military trucks and marched in. My manager called me, freaking out, "OMG, TOYS FOR TOTS IS HERE!" Pffffft!! Stand aside rookie, I got this.
    I met the sergeant in charge at the front door. He explained to me his budget and needs. 15-20 thousand dollars. I nearly fainted.
    Anyhoo, I paired the Marines up with associates and we all got busy emptying the toy department (yay! My department!), sporting goods, electronics and the giftsets in cosmetics. It took 4 hours, 3 registers, and a ton of drooling female asscociates to bring it all together.
    My sales are gonna be awesome! Best part is, the Marines had such a positive experience, they said they would be back next year. SWEET! I guess
    it is the most wonderful time of the year after all.