Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8


  1. the Architect
    smiles as she
    lifts her pen
    having made
    the final stroke
    and the lines
    of her house
    are dancing
    in her eyes

    1. great poem man. Love that feeling. Love to see it too!

  2. Someone else’s best day

    Dutifully they gather
    For the weekly group
    Props spread on the table
    Politeness warms the air.

    She begins with solemn quote
    An arrow to the heart
    Unmasking quickly sacred wounds
    Of patient warriors.

    Skillful with attention
    She leads in cadence step
    Weaves a safe container.
    Community takes shape.

    Rarely patients find
    Empowered collective voice
    To solve their own problems
    On hospital pokey time.

  3. Dear diary,
    It feels so good to see people you trained become successful. Rodrick came by the department today to tell me he has won OTC Pharmacy of the year, at store and market level! Now his name will be entered at regional. What a huge honor. I can't believe at one time, he was content to just sit in back and build BBQ's and bikes all day. I saw thst he had potential, guess I was right. Wow, what if he goes all the way? Not sure who would be more proud... him, or me!

    1. Great! I love how you brought yourself into it too!

  4. The Break Room

    She took a seat across from me
    During the graveyard shift
    In the break room for lunch
    It was only half of an hour
    Nobody but her and the silence

    I was new to the job and had
    Questions about the integrity of
    The work and whether or not the
    Position I had could
    be performed ethically

    The sound of it seemed controversial
    and immoral since I didn’t want her
    to think I was not able to do the job
    and I did not know her other than being a
    Respiratory therapist
    as my position was only
    a certified nurse’s assistant

    Posing the question, I said, how
    Does a person find the time to do
    All of the duties required, without
    Having some doubts, as to the
    Neglect in certain instances?

    She was nice, and responded with
    Some encouraging words
    Saying, well, I am good at keeping
    My time managed well, and the way
    I am always doing that, keeps me
    From getting bogged down

    I noted her enthusiasm and also my
    Own discouragement in believing the
    Job was completely overwhelming
    And at times impossible to do
    Still, I marveled at how efficient she
    Managed her time and did her job

    I asked her if she would like a
    Clementine, while I peeled one
    For myself, being she was so nice
    Answering my worries? She said,
    You are nice and took my orange
    Then I said, it has a lot of seeds.

    As we were talking she asked me
    What I was spiritually? I told her
    I don’t know, what do you mean?
    She said she was Christian and
    Was wondering if I believed
    I told her yes, I do believe
    As we sat in silence eating

    1. I love the way this ends.It really captures the people and the place well!