Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9


  1. Dear diary,
    The new co-manager is trying to get me fired. Ever since she got here 3 months ago, I can suddenly do no right.
    It started out with small things. Adding to my notes at the last minute, knowing I wouldn't get the work done. Refusing to hire Christmas help for my department. Expecting me to perform functions that were not my regular job. I blew it off, thinking maybe she was just trying to establish herself. All newbies do it.
    But, then the calls to the office began. It didn't help that I knew policy better than she did. Being able to prove her wrong, having full support from my vendors, being long time friends with other managers. A 15 year perfect record was destroyed, within a month. She had reduced me to a d-day.
    When she called me in to fire me, I couldn't believe I had allowed this to happen. That I hadn't done a better job of protecting myself from her. I was going to end up just 3 others had before me.
    This bitch, who looked like Louie Anderson's sloppy sister, was just about to udder the words, when my savior came. Another manager stuck her head in. She immediately cut Louie off and offered me a position in the deli. I seized the moment, said yes without even thinking about it.
    Louie was visibly pissed. After all, she had worked hard to get of this long term associate.
    Turns out, Louie had problems of her own. She came to our store, because she had been demoted. And now is mysteriously transferring again. As for me, I start my new position on Monday.

    1. What a horrible and miserable person. Part of the job I suppose, but why is it part of all jobs?

  2. Tomás

    Tomás went to
    drafting Trade School
    I took drafting
    in high school

    Tomás resented
    I was paid more

    Tomás worked OT
    for free so
    he could make up
    for his lack of
    experience, and

    so he could break
    into the HR records

    Tomás threatened
    to sue, so

    they promoted him

    Tomás handed out
    our assignments
    but gave the
    hard jobs to
    the new guy

    I programmed
    Tomás’ calculator
    which he never used

    I taught Tomás
    how to do a
    complex design

    five or six times

    I got laid off

    Tomás stayed

    I went to
    computer school

    and worked with
    computer games
    the internet

    Tomás later
    got fired

    for stealing

  3. The most frustrating, most difficult time

    A time long ago
    in a galaxy far away,
    A war uncivil raged
    As Speech Pathologists,
    Struck with hidden unlicense
    Won victory against
    Occupational Therapists.

    Whose practical living support
    Of Eating and Oral Care
    Was overpowered by
    Unproven techniques.
    Chins tucked. liquid thick.
    And the Ultimate weapon

    Fooled by profession marketing
    Doctors misconnected dots
    Spurned responsibility
    For physician eval,
    Medication effect,
    Impact of cranial nerves.

    Now Rebel dissent destroyed.
    Swallow bill and therapy mounts
    Link the Nursing Home numbers
    Dehydrated. 31-95%
    Malnourished. 35-85%
    Swallow problems.40-60%
    No Leia racing home.

  4. Louie

    It was the
    last hour

    of my friends
    life as we talked

    and I gave him
    water and comfort

    he would throw up
    blood and say

    let's go get a hamburger
    you eat and I'll buy

    he did need to be cleaned
    as I turned him on the

    Opposite side leaving
    egg crate markings etched

    Into his body
    as he rested

    on the left
    staring blankly

    into space
    Louie, Louie

    He was gone
    His chart was

    Do not resuscitate
    as I finished my rounds

    Later, about a couple
    of weeks down the road

    Another aide asked
    You were with him

    When he died
    I said yes

    She told me in her
    country it means

    You are blessed
    to be with them in passing

    I thought back to that night
    and remembered his last words

    Go buy a hamburger
    You eat and I'll buy

    That's what I did after
    my shift that night

  5. Yes. Pertinent. Perceptive. Like your two line stanzas.

  6. Great poems everyone. The site isn't letting me respond individually, but I love this work! Well done.