Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13


  1. Not a lot of action but workable for a draft....

    Over twelve thousand dollars had been deposited into her savings account that morning and as usual, she kept three thousand in her checking to pay for the rent on the penthouse.

    Glenda bought a brand new home northwest in the mountains overlooking Rockaway Beach on Oregon’s west coast, where she’d start her online business creating one of a kind purses from recycled materials. Clients could send their worn and unfixable purses to her for a store credit, and she’d have a constant supply of materials to redesign into a new purse. Her first three prototypes sold much better than expected on Ebay, the cheapest going for over eight hundred dollars.

    Glenda wanted to get just a bit more for cushion to finish paying for her online marketing campaign now that her completely furnished home and tricked out Triumph had been paid off in full. It only took a few months, just like Lyndon promised, and now she would pass the knowledge onto someone else who needed to change their life for the better. Then she would take a leisurely drive to her new home, stopping at a few of the Indian casinos on the way to pay for gas and groceries.

    She glanced at the man who had been trailing her about the casino for the past week, not hostile or overly serious like the security personnel at the other places she had won. There was something about this guy. His heart didn’t seem like it was into his job. He’d probably flourish if he did something he really loved.

    Glenda smiled, ready to make good on her promise.

  2. Not a lot of action, you're right, but it's building. This feels like the first part of something really long. Maybe even a novel. Yes, I'm suggesting it, although I know you already have 5 in the works now!