Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16


  1. "Dr. Hobbs, I think you're making a mistake here," Maddie said. "This vaccine isn't ready for people. You can't use the whole country as your personal lab rats."
    Stupid woman. I never should have hired her. What did she know? I should have expected this, when humanity faces a crisis, suddenly everyone is a back seat driver.
    "Ms. Donnely," I sighed, "your job is not to think. Your job is to document my process. I don't have time to sit here and listen to a bunch of paranoid babble."
    Ms. Donnely pulled her big uni-brow down in silent, bushy protest, then turned on her heel and stomped out of my office. Who the hell is she to tell me how to be a microbiologist? Did the CDC call her in to work on the mystery virus? Uh, no.
    As I sat at my desk continuing to hate my assistant, the phone rang.
    I picked up the receiver. "Kevin Hobbs," I said.
    "Kevin, it's Bob."
    "Hey Bob," I answered, leaning back in my cushy chair. "Are you ready to roll out MV002? It's crucial that we get the first wave of the vaccine to the public. You and I are gonna make history here."
    Bob cleared his thoat. Great. He's got something on his mind.
    "Look Kev," Bob started, "are you sure MV002 is ready? The results of that last batch of tests were a little iffy."
    "You realize this virus has been spreading across the country for nine weeks?" I fired back. "And every single person who has contracted it is still sick? We have to act now, Bob! Seventeen million people have had what appears to be the flu for over two months!"
    "I hear what you're saying Kevin, but-"
    "No, I don't think you do!" I yelled into the phone. "At the rate the virus is spreading, the entire country will be infected within a matter of months. This is our only shot, Bob. We've got to strike now."
    Bob left me hanging in silence for a moment. He was thinking. Why does everyone feel the need to think? That's my job.
    "Alright, Kevin," Bob finally responded. "You win. But this vaccine better work."
    "It will," I said. "Contact FEMA, let them know they can start rolling out the mobile clinics. While you're at it, set one up here. Since the hard part is over, I want to personally administer my miracle to the masses. "

  2. I love where this is going. I really love what you're doing in this zombie world!

  3. Trevor said she left town, and then a week later he quit his job, maybe because of the embarrassment of letting her get away with over $100,000 from his casino. Everyone in town knew Trevor had a hard-on for the Head of Security position, but Glenda DeHaven’s stunt under his watch pretty much blew the chances of that promotion out of the water.

    I wasn’t bucking for a promotion but that didn’t mean DeHaven was going to get away with robbing my casino. Thieves had to be punished, and I’d do whatever it took to hunt her down and make her talk before putting a permanent end to her criminal activity.

  4. I like the point of view here. It's really really working!