Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23


  1. I totally should have skipped that lunch date with the girls. Not only was that burger like, four thousand calories, but I'm pretty sure it gave me food poisoning. But damn, that shit was bomb! It was so loaded with bacon. Those guys at the Clifton Cafe know how to cook some delicious pig.
    Anyways, the next day, I was heaving in the toilet for hours. Then hours turned into days. So ridiculous. I went to the campus doctor. She ran all kinds of tests. Turns out, I got that stupid Forever Flu. I was hella worried, because there were people that had that shit for like, months.
    After two straight weeks of puking and fever, I decided to cancel my classes for the semester. I mean, what was the point? I hadn't stepped foot in a classroom in like, forever. All I did was sit around the sorority house, eat, throw up, then eat some more. The good news was, at least I lost that last five pounds I wanted to lose before summer. Cancun baby!!
    Finally, after three weeks, I got a phone call from the campus doctor.
    I waited till my cell played the whole ringtone, I so love that song.
    "Hello?" I answered, all raspy.
    "Yes, hello, is this Chelsea James?"
    "Uh huh," I answered.
    "I'm Natalia, with the campus medical office. Dr. Ramses wanted me to call and let you know, that a vaccine has been released for the virus you have. She would like you to come down right away and get the shot."
    Holy shit! Finally, no more puking.
    "Yeah, ok," I said, getting up from the couch. "When should I come down?"
    "Anytime will be fine, Chelsea," Natalia said, "the sooner the better. "

    1. That's a nice little cliff hanger ending, Molly. Well done.

    2. Thanks! I was worried about Chelsea's voice. That because of how she talks, people would be confused

    3. I really love what you're doing with these stories. I don't think it's confusing!!

  2. Mom said it would happen, even my dad, but I didn’t get it and couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of what love actually was until that late spring day on Rockaway Beach.

    It wasn’t her cute figure jumping from one shallow puddle to the next in cut-off shorts and a bikini top. It wasn’t her long silky hair that sparkled and lifted in the marine breeze. It was her smile. It brightened up the beach more than the sun.

    A large group of environmentalists gathered for beach clean-up and once every paper cup and candy wrapper had been picked up on a three mile stretch of beach, we listened to a brief lecture on our part in preserving the coastlines.

    The girl didn’t seem interested in what Professor Chaffee had to say about the dwindling numbers of marine life and the smaller pods of migratory whales in our area, but with those other girls chatting in her ear all day how could she hear a word?

    God, I hoped she lived local. Maybe she’d like to picnic on the beach next weekend. I’d pack some fruit, cheese, and nuts and a thermos of my horchata. My mom taught me how to make the rice drink, and it came out better than hers.

    I tossed my trash in the appropriate recycle containers and said a silent prayer of thanks for the meal and the energy of all those who congregated in the name of coastal conservation. A deep breath into my lungs helped my nerves relax.

    Dad said forget the one-liners. Just say hi, tell her my name, and then ask hers. The rest would come naturally. My mom is an attractive woman, so he had to know what he was talking about. He watched me from across the tent and winked. It was enough encouragement as I started toward my captured heart.

    The two girls who chatted up my new crush left toward the drink table. Deep sea-green eyes locked onto mine and she smiled. My legs went weak and I tripped on my flip-flops. She turned away and giggled, but my ineptitude didn’t deter me. I wet my lips, but there was nothing to do about my dry throat.

    “Hey.” I coughed. “My names Phelan. What’s yours?”

    “Kiera,” she said in a melodic and hypnotizing tone. Her voice alone had my heart somersaulting.

    Maybe I’d earn points if I let her know that Professor Chaffee was a close family friend and that we were very instrumental in getting him to attend our event. I chucked my chin at the famous marine biologist.

    “What did you think of Professor Chaffee’s lecture?”

    “I know, right?” she laughed. “If it wasn’t for my girlfriends, I’d swear everyone would have heard me snoring. Hey, do you want to go with us and get a burger?”

    1. Carole, I love these. They're working great. Also, I can't wait to see you in a week!

  3. Aargh I fell behind again but am attempting to catch up. Glad you're enjoying my splinters. :-)

    I'm looking forward to seeing you and Ann, too!