Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27

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  1. Kiera’s arms crossed over her chest, and her pursed lips looked ready to lodge the kiss of death. I chose to be honest, even if it meant ridicule by Kiera and her friends. She inhaled and kept her eyes glued on mine, and I felt as if she had already passed judgement.

    I sat across from Kiera and gazed at the ocean, about to put our new relationship permanently to rest, watching it disappear like the setting sun behind her.

    “My parents are great teachers," I said, "as well as the other adult mentors I have as part of a large group of homeschooled kids. I’m an avid ecologist, and I'm fairly proactive about supporting our environment. I don’t like junk food, and my mom’s quinoa salad is my favorite meal.”

    “That was pretty messed up lying to me and the girls like you did.”

    “I know. I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you, Kiera.”

    Her arms remained crossed. “So why did you do it?”

    I took in a deep breath and looked out at the Pacific, beautiful but deadly if you didn’t treat it right. Girls were like that. They expected to be treated right.

    “I thought you wouldn’t want to hang out with me if you knew I was a homeschool geek. And the more I got to know you these past few weeks, the more I wanted to hang out with you.”

    “I should have you take me home right now,” but instead of standing up, she set a glass next to each plate.

    “I’m hoping you’ll let me show you who I really am. At least through dinner. You might like quinoa and asparagus. Then after we eat, if you’re still pissed off, I promise to take you home and that I’ll never bother you again.”

    Kiera sighed and watched my parents through the kitchen window. “Tell you what.” She looked at me and said, “I promise to stay for dinner, but only if you promise me something in return.”

    “I swear I’ll never lie to you again.”

    “Yeah, well…that, too.” She smiled and reached across the table and touched my hand. “I want you to promise that you’ll show me how to build a fish trap out of drift wood.”