Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30


  1. I love using the characters voice to tell the story. Whether its through their actions or their voice. It think it gives the story a more personal feel. When I read a piece done that way, it's like I'm in the story. I feel like I am being let into the secret circle of the story. It makes me care even more about the outcome of their made up lives

  2. I don't think I had a preference for any of the different types of scenes. I know the POV trend right now is 1st person, but I just learned to work out 3rd person POVs--arrgh!

    What worked for me the most was the Sept. 28th suggestion of listing the emotions I wanted to convey. This turned my paragraph into something much more literary, the very thing that has been a challenge, especially in my non-fiction work. I have to force myself not to be a "lazy" writer and invest the time and energy in giving more thought to make the scene come to life. I shared your tip with my writing group, and they loved it, too.