Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5


  1. The lifeguard stood up, “I’ll be right back. Gaither, watch after her and make sure she stays put.”

    “You’re not going to leave me alone with this guy! He’s creepy!” I said. I tried to stand up, but my feet slipped in the buckets of water and I fell on my butt.

    The lifeguard didn’t even appear to hear me. He gave Gaither a quick nod and walked away.

    “Yes sir,” Gaither said, saluting the lifeguard. What was the problem here? Did nobody hear me? Once the lifeguard was out of sight, Gaither kneeled down by my side. His face was close enough that I could see his face had several scars underneath his wrinkles.

    I folded my arms, hoping he’d go away, but I knew it was a false hope. As long as the lifeguard wasn’t around, this old man wasn’t going to leave me alone for anything, especially if he had had exact direction to watch me from someone of authority.
    “You gotta watch out for that heat sometimes,” Gaither said.

    “You’re such a moron! I don’t have problems with the heat!” I said. I pulled the heat pack off my head and slapped his face with it. No one was around to get me in trouble or tell on me and all that.

    Gaither recoiled, cradling his cheek with his hand.

    “What’s your problem?” Gaither said. I think he meant it more in the way of my dad whenever he witnesses someone throwing a temper tantrum, but I thought he was just clueless.

    “This creepy old guy named Gaither who won’t leave me the hell alone!” I said. I slapped his face with the heat pack again, but on the other side this time. “I mean, how many times do I have to say ‘get lost’ before the words actually register in your small, shrinking brain?”

    Gaither scooted his body away from me as I swung the heat pack like a crazy woman. He kept scooting until his body tumbled off the ledge of the lifeguard tower. I heard him call in his shaky voice for Taz, and the dog immediately seemed to rush to his side. I could hear his barking getting louder and higher pitched.

    For a second, I wondered if I had killed him. I hadn’t meant to do that, but it had to have been at least a two story drop from the ledge. I pulled my feet out of the water and headed toward the ledge stumbled toward the ledge and peeked over. Gaither was in the sand lying face down. Taz was prodding him with his nose and barking a super loud high pitched bark.

    1. I love Gaither as a character. He's so creepy yet well intentioned!

  2. I charged after the smelly human, swinging wide, so I could come at him from the side. As Jake was about to step into striking distance, I lunged. With all four paws off the ground, I flung myself at the dead human. The sound of bones cracking echoed in my ears. I hit him so hard, his foot snapped off in the squirrel hole. The momentum launched the smelly human right over the edge, and into the canal.
    Panting, I glanced behind me, searching for Jake. Can you believe it? He completely missed it! My clueless human was still walking, face down in his tiny television, completely unaware that I had just saved his life.
    I walked over to the edge of the canal and looked down. A hand reached up, clawing at the aged, broken concrete sided canal. It grabbed a hold of a large, cracked section of of wall and tried to hoist himself up. Without warning, the concrete gave way. The dead human fell backwards into the canal. The concrete chunk went down with him, landing with a dull thud, on his rotten head.
    Victorious, I puffed out my chest and howled. Nobody messes with my human. I raised my leg and marked the spot, then kicked it around with my back legs. Had to make sure my friends knew I had been here.
    "Come on Bruce," Jake called out, "pick up the pace, boy!"
    I quickly caught up with Jake a few feet from the end of the service road. Jake hooked the leash to my harness, and we walked back home. As Jake was fumbling in his pockets for the house keys, a slight breeze wafted past my nose. There it was again, that smell. There was more of those dead humans close by.
    Jake finally got the door unlocked. We went inside, I got my harness off, Jake got his shoes off. As he plopped down on the couch to stare at the big television, I sat down at the front door.
    Rule number two: be the first line of defense for your human. Especially mine. He really needs my protection.

    1. That's great! He thinks as a dog thinks. You can see it in their eyes!

  3. Kathy stepped out of the taxi, and ran into the terminal. She pulled out her cell phone, checking the time, then looked up at the flight departures board - not enough time.
    Running to the metal detectors she slipped past the agents. On a hard she ran towards Robert’s gate, three agents after her, tasers out.
    She could see Robert’s gate, then Robert sitting reading, as she was hit from the side, tackled by a fourth agent.

    1. Tom, you have a different story each time! This one is good too!

  4. I combined my final conflict with Day 4, the characters needing to do something to get what they want. On to Day 6...