Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14

Edward Hopper's Work:


  1. On Edward Hopper

    I see Lonely
    In your work.

    Isolated bodies
    Boxy homes
    Dropped incognito
    From the sky.

    There’s a self portrait
    Of bored disinterest
    Too self absorbed
    To let the viewer in.

    Its embarrassing actually
    Because in my worst moments
    You mirror

    1. Oh that last stanza is incredible. Send this one out!

  2. Have you ever noticed how deceptively simple the Dutch portraitists are?
    Over and over again everything’s black but then there’s that
    Pinch of brown, a brush stroke of pink and then the collar’s whiteness
    Pointing up towards a miraculous face — those unique physiognomies —
    Every portrait a startling expression with nooks and crannies unlike any other. I don’t paint
    Real people like that; the faces are featureless — except when I portray myself.

  3. I am not a Hopper fan particularly. I agree with you John that there's something inhuman and very cold about how he makes work. But I was crazy for that early self-portrait on the wiki page and reading the bio made me think of the northern renaissance and those remarkable portraits. Then I settled on an acrostic -- i wanted something a bit formulaic, because Hopper could be formulaic. I come away with a new appreciation for him as an artist.

  4. Edward Hopper Summer Interior


    draining life

    pull away

    the world
    does not

    i am
    lo longer

    1. Note to technology: google needs a proper "edit" button to edit blog posts

  5. Isolated, Self-inflicted Depression

    Everything is just fine
    says the painting
    don't worry about me
    it wallows in self pity
    I'll get along somehow
    says the painting
    isolated in its own mental filth
    it's my burden to bare
    says the painting
    nobody understands me
    and nobody ever will
    says the painting
    don't trouble yourself
    I'm not worth saving
    says the painting
    I want to be alone
    I don't fit in
    says the painting
    don't try to change me
    I'm too far gone to be saved
    says the painting
    there's n joy
    I don't deserve to be happy
    says the painting
    in my own private hell
    I've created

  6. There is empty space, a window
    very few people. Only the
    lines converge towards
    perspective. The true meaning
    is the artist’s reserved space.
    Do not intrude.