Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16

Cole's painting


  1. Sun rays sprinkle over toasted color
    Autumn red marks time
    Creatures rest in hidden homes
    As human interloper
    Takes in the scene.

    Will he rest against the rock face
    Will he chase squirrels down the trail
    Will he gather relics for study
    Will weather
    abort his plan?

    Or does he stand at timeless brink
    Mind emptied of every thought
    Sensory body in the lead
    To the unseen.

    Would be
    An adventure.

  2. Disappear

    It's so easy to disappear here
    the rolling expanse
    to blend into the vast space

    It's easy to get lost here
    the thick brush
    to burrow into the untouched

    It's so easy to hide here
    the many miles
    to wander into natures abyss

    It's so easy to be stranded here
    the wide separation
    to be plunged into isolation

    It's so easy to be shipwrecked here
    the deep murk
    to be cast into the grassy tide

    It's so easy to forget here
    the full stillness
    to be plunged into your proper place

  3. Thomas Cole A View of the Two Lakes and Mountain House, Catskill Mountains, Morning

    massive mansion
    towers over nature
    man rules world