Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 18


  1. Uncaptured Here

    My lungs can breathe
    wetness of this day,
    inhaling scents
    of softened leaves
    and faint decay.

    Not warm, this sun.
    Unfelt, the fly
    that jumps against
    my skin, unafraid.

    The painter’s brush
    can disregard
    crickets inside
    landscape’s silence
    airborne hawk, loud
    sudden song-screech.

    1. Love this. I love how the painting affect the real world. Very much like Keats's poem.

  2. Fredrick Kennet

    A morning walk
    In rolling hills
    Crosses fields
    And cottage homes.

    Neighbors wave
    Children tussle
    Cows sidestep
    Mosquitoes buzz.

    Clouds roll by
    George’s mountain.
    A perfect scene

    But something’s strange
    The air is still
    Did curtains part
    As you pass?

    Do secrets hide
    In bucolic scene
    Did gunshot sound
    Did wife scream?

    1. I found this exercise difficult, but you did it and a story out of it. I especially like the description of the (crime) scene. My favorite is the middle stanza "clouds roll by..." as a transition and set-up for the ending.

    2. Yeah, I totally agree. Make the surreal out of it. We have Pollock coming up and I'm wondering how difficult that will be!

  3. I, America

    My hills roll here and there
    wavy fields of golden seed
    the scent of my breeze is clean
    whistling Dixie...
    or Yankee Doodle Dandy

    My crown is covered with snow
    glistening and deeply cold
    I prepare next year's streams
    or perhaps, this year's flood

    My forest is wild and free
    man and nature in sync
    a place to forage the flora
    or pit strength against the fauna

    My wide open space are inviting
    firm and stable ground
    where you can raise a barn
    or raise your sheep

    My eagle watches over me
    with a strong and defiant eye
    willing to take any risk
    in order to keep you free

  4. John Frederick Kensett Mount Washington

    black hills
    storm in the distance
    quiet valley