Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 22

Here's Picasso's image!


  1. Brooklyn hair stylist fright
    Rebuked by rosy cheek
    Righteous cantelope bicep
    Thick thigh yoga high
    Savor the impossible
    Past kyphotic bounds
    Clunky clown feet sweet
    Dance on magic toes
    Breasts finally yours
    Crotch opera unabashed.

  2. Picasso

    She is the frolic
    of the sea

    The ideal of natural

    She is as a child
    would be as nude

    As the paint wet
    on the canvas

    If I did not know
    the fame of the art

    I would have to say

    And any price
    possible for anyone

    To paint
    with colors of flesh

    and the window of abstract

    When volleying for the meaning
    is but a taste of the ocean

    And the breeze of her wings
    playing aerobics

  3. Innocence

    she wears nothing but innocence
    strutting on the sand

    she permeates the air with happiness
    frolicking on the beach

    she brightens the the world with radiance
    dancing on the shore

    she wears nothing but innocence
    even if there were no sand

    1. I love when you do formal poetry. Would you send this one to me for Ekphrastic California?

    2. Yes I will. .. YAY!

  4. I've been sort of fed up and angry for a long time about a lot of stuff. I'm trying really hard to write about the beautiful things that I see and experience, I just seem to be stuck in this sort of mode. I really like this painting, and I'm super thankful for this process and sharing with you all and for John's incredible prompts.

    This is a sort of sestina I think!

    Hopefully my next poem will be happy! Thank you for enduring these in the meantime.

    In Picasso’s Two Muted Fields: Cyan over Azure Bisecting Transformational Figure and Orb

    kanji characters the telephone poles speechless line up seagulls like
    broken hands among the volleys
    of leaping cutlery that tear at the moon revealed by day
    air traffic controllers sever connection to the sun
    pipeline swollen like drunken calves at the bottom of the bucket
    distended bellies we milk the hole in the sky

    body of delight the sky
    kanji for we that remain headless
    lines of judicious acrobats bottom of
    hand pressed to our volleyballs
    traffic control of desire the sun
    leaping syntax to mount luna during the day

    cutlery held to the throat of the new moon
    twice thrust into the crotch of the trees to find the hole in
    control becomes wood and leaf to escape the sun
    character each of us headless
    broken ball
    pipe us pipe it to me the bucket

    line pouring gasoline on the structure fire to get to the bottom of
    leaping to attention during the day
    hands sequestered to feed the common canon volley
    rendered salute to the perishing sky
    kanji seagull
    controls traffic staring automobile of the sun

    controls air air conditioning in our lungs sun
    pipes on about reason about ray penetration about logos a bucketful of
    characters who draws and who quarters headles-
    s leaping unnamed the size of cancer moon
    beauty dark anemone whole whole
    broken and drunk we watch a woman volley ball

    distended body of twice rendered beauty cleaved by heavens hold a volleyball
    character divining a name for the sun
    pipeline sipping the hole in the sky
    broken hand tilting the bottom of the white bucket
    air traffic obscuring the daytime moon
    leaping cutlery divvies up the bottom half of the headless seagull.

    1. Love the work man, and I'm so glad to see you working!!!

  5. Pablo Picasso Bather

    beauty glides
    above the water in
    her naked glory

  6. Dodge ball
    against the wall
    Pick me!
    Pick me!

    Dodge ball
    I caught the ball
    Hurray for me!
    Hurray for me!

    Dodge ball
    I dropped it all
    Exposing me
    Exposing me