Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26

Charles Payzant


  1. You’re a cartoon.
    You’ve sold your sex
    You’ve hyped the dream
    Looks like you.

    Your bird eyebrows, pencil perfect
    Wavy lips pout in the sun
    Bouncy jumpsuit foreground
    Tantalizing allure
    Cosmetics cake the pain.

    Cartoon pretty is a need you say
    For other to see clear
    You say it makes you feel good too
    Why is that
    Crock full?

    Waves wash in plastic six pack straps
    Hurricanes pound the shore
    Old age brings saggy wrinkles
    Botox will never win
    As whales wash up dead.

    Stop touting cinderella
    Make believe us
    Cartoon deep
    Make believe lost
    To climate change
    Disney land.

    1. Wow, that's a powerful and even angry poem! Love it.

  2. Awesome poem J! I love the line "Waves wash in plastic six pack straps" One of my all-time favorites! :)

    So, I think I almost wrote an entirely positive poem. Trying to work from a more balanced perspective, and also working on clarity. Reading Gluck's Wild Iris over an over and taking notes.

    Ship in mid-distance, Payzant Cat-tails on Sea-cliff, the Twining

    in this harrowed out space is where
    I meet the final you
    as the universal I. The alcove

    where each cliff dwelling navigator
    must dive from its unfed nest
    to the surface under which

    the fish breathe the curves
    of broken glass. I too
    exist at arm’s length from

    this scene, where I listen to your
    brush. This final you
    dives: harrow. The havoc

    of the bottle, the blue carpet thrown dice
    by the unseen moon, the shatter
    of the wind on two-spirit canvas. Stipples raise

    this space we share as the universe
    of you. We exist at arms
    length, would
    that we embrace
    here. We dive.

    1. In hindsight, there is probably nothing positive about my poem. I tried to look a bit more into his life and couldn't find much. I think in the next draft I would pull his name out, so that it wasn't a filter on how the poem was read, nor could it be seen as an unintentional slighting of the artist by association by the subjects I include.

      I know I sometimes push more of wild sort of poetics, but I also get very concerned about representation, particularly when it comes to other artist's and thinkers.

      I wonder how much of his work I've seen in Disney productions that I didn't even know was his. Just musing here. Have an excellent night/day of inspiration y'all.

    2. Yeah, I'm reading over a bunch of your work right now, and it's very cerebral in a way that your poetry isn't. Usually, your really emotional and explosive. Here you're almost reserved. Maybe that's not the right word. Anyway, I really enjoy these.

  3. Animator

    You're so dramatic
    exaggerating the risk
    deepening the colors
    raising the tide

    You're so loud
    blaring the noises
    brightening the sun
    lengthening the time

    You're so nervy
    churning the ocean
    layering the drama
    creating the divide

    You're so different
    enhancing the land
    broadening the experience
    changing the world