Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 29

Arnautoff's work


  1. We have no mink collared middle class
    On the streets
    We have working women in pants
    We have PTSD sailors returning home
    Shell shocked from war.

    My mother owned a mink coat
    She wasn’t rich or poor.
    But the mink came out of the closet
    When she needed to feel
    like Lucille Ball.

    (I gave this a go this last night, but was surprised how it was hard to get in the groove for this picture. I found just so much going on in. On one hand I wanted to write about my mother and her very special mink coat she would take out of its storage every winter, but then there were so many other stories...)

    1. I love it though. You really captured an emotion here. PTSD sailors is a brilliant line.

  2. The Subtle Hint

    There's a bustle of people
    coming and going
    with appointments to keep
    and errands to run
    the streets are clambering
    the cops are patrolling
    and everyone seems at peace

    But under the bustle
    is a river so subtle
    of emptiness and life that's not free
    the smiles are all missing
    there's no trace of joy
    and the shoulders all seem
    to be carrying too heavy a load

    Where are the dreamers?
    the schemers, inventors
    where are the chance takers?
    Even the sun is vacant in the sky
    it seems to have passed this pace by
    and nobody has time to notice

    If only someone would break out
    be exceptional and pass it on
    then one by one
    the frowns would slip away
    the sun would come back
    and so would the joy

    1. Great work Molly. I'm going to miss your work this month!!