Friday, October 30, 2015

October 30


  1. How to love

    How I was told to draw
    a circle was to think of the
    circle, before making a round
    shape, after concentrating on the
    shape, you just have to draw a
    round object
    It is as easy as that, think round
    and you have a round shape
    Unless there is a doubt
    in confidence
    You have
    in yourself
    Not unlike in anything you
    do in life
    Think, believe
    and do
    The act is a love
    for doing what thought
    is in mind
    love you
    Loving becomes
    a verb instead of
    a noun
    We love when we commit
    to doing the act of love
    Which is to love
    and is how to love

  2. everyone
    walks away

    not grasping
    why pink and
    orange circles

    they’ll shrug
    there’s no
    struggle seen
    it’s a talent
    maybe luck

  3. 360°

    Precision perfect
    the shades are random and red
    a skill matched by few

    A man of the arts
    with the hands of a surgeon
    eye of perfection

    Perfect precision
    the focus of a sniper
    admired for skill

    ☆ all caught up!! I was behind 3days!!!!!

  4. Dream soup pot stirs
    Ankles creak awake
    Toes animate
    Schedule alarms.

    Block bed linger taunt
    Snap to morning plan
    Firmly, yet light
    True to mantra vow.

    Art requires discipline
    And dishes, sunsets, bills.
    Mundane births inspiration
    Merry go round repeat.

    As night bellows fast
    Best effort is released
    Humility reveals
    A circle masterpiece