Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 31


  1. Only In America

    Americans do not understand
    The reason for honking their horn!
    Where we drive only to survive
    And scorn rather than warn
    As we go along being wrong
    Despite swearing to care
    Driving with hate, arriving late
    As we fight for the right of way
    Where fear appears steering clear
    But remaining without brains
    With a motion in the commotion
    The middle finger is in vain
    Only in America
    Where bigger is better
    And ignorance leads the pack
    Going faster than you can master
    And with some luck
    Drive your truck on track
    Only in America
    We are free to believe
    God gives us the given right
    To overcome strangers
    As we run through dangers
    Against the odds alright
    And always with accidents
    As we look and act as if
    The speed we need delights
    The tragic fanatic
    Having the habit
    To never heed our plight
    The speed limit sign
    Is designed to find
    Eventually the potential
    To feel free and choose
    Yet still we refuse
    To live life as essential

  2. My best poem was the sonnet on October 12th. However, my favorite (below) was the most troublesome because it dammed up my creativity and ability to work on the other "assignments." I have no idea why. It's my favorite because I finally got it done. Also, I really want it to rain.

    American River

    A flag of stars and stripes
    is not deserving of a pledge.
    No founding father deliberated
    over the constitution of the
    great body of water when
    it birthed the nation. No human
    stood bedside as indivisible
    atoms in interior seaways
    parted to bless and baptize
    emergent, crowning land.
    The universe is the fabric
    of stars—true glory is a
    shimmering, blanket of water.

    In the alpha of beginnings wet
    tributaries caressed and tickled
    the soul of the nation, gathering
    power for nature’s arterial
    boundaries, tumbling over
    cliffs in thundering mists, sending
    fingering inlets to erode, to chart
    and to nourish the landscape.

    Water was delivered wanton
    and tempestuous. It matured
    in wetland estuaries, sheltered in
    underground lakes, meandered
    through an oxbow at a slow, tranquil pace.

    One day, on shores where sweet mingles
    salt, an invasive species grew, waterborne.
    What was once flowing free became
    corralled and sluiced by cement walls,
    judged inconvenient and impure, water
    was piped, and chlorinated afresh.

    Shrinking watersheds dried extinct one
    warm afternoon. Water’s liberty and happiness
    was mourned by Americans, and all mankind,
    they called to the heavens for relief and
    drilled another well in a forgotten riverbed,
    located at the bend, in the omega of time.

    1. I think your poem is bringing water to us! I hope you write with us through November too!! Great poem

  3. On Man Ray

    My sadness throttles darkly
    Mammoth yet small
    Rips open my heart
    Hangs me upside down
    Rattle knocks my mind
    Til my innards tumble out
    Then in silence I distill
    into timelessness.

    Explosions halt my breath
    Its my drunken neighbor
    Wretching stomach contents
    Alert. Silent. I hover
    Something different happens
    My edge begins to blur
    Into my neighbor’s
    Until her misery is mine.

    I am now suspended
    Over heavy water
    No longer, one body
    As suffering floods in
    From far world direction
    I’ve never been here
    But I know it’s safely home.
    I am hologram now
    To every crystal tear.

    1. Yeah, this is a beautiful one. I love where you've taken Man Ray's work!!

    2. I noticed that Man Ray's work inspired some great poetry.

    3. Yeah, I was really surprised at how much people loved that one.

  4. Wednesday, October 21, 2015
    October 21

    Magritte's painting
    John Brantingham at 12:00 AM


    molly neelyOctober 21, 2015 at 4:08 PM
    I'm So Much More

    I'm so much more than what they see
    there's much more than this in side of me
    a desperate soul, who longs to be free
    who wishes just to be

    I'm so much more than who they know
    there's so many places I wish to go
    whether at lightning speed, or terribly slow
    destination makes my heart glow

    I'm so much more than what they think
    there's so much more than food and drink
    than coming and going, from beyond the brink
    my desires are my missing link

    I'm so much more than what they praise
    there's something better than a latest craze
    to travel out, beyond the haze
    I want to get lost in the maze

    I'm so much more than even I'm aware
    there's still a mystery in my air
    but the world's not ready, for me to share
    and I'm not quite ready to care

    ♥my fave♥ loved writing it, was very happy with it when I was done

    1. hmmm, yes. Molly, reading this in the morning, with a coffee, was a happy moment. thanks!