Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 7

Women Ironing by Degas:


  1. The Wash

    Up before the morning comes
    and long after the day is done
    no rest for the wicked they say
    or for the wash

    No time to stop and eat
    or aches and pains that dare to speak
    there's nothing in sight
    except for the wash

    What joy is there in this life?
    No fun, no rest, just hard work and strife
    there's no future here
    there's just the wash

    Push the iron against the cloth
    press out the creases that lures the moth
    swig from the bottle...
    and finish the wash

    1. I love the capture of dreariness and perseverance

  2. Degas

    There is a repetitious hurt that
    Comes from the soul of the iron
    Flattening the starch on the collars
    as the shirts are all the same
    to get folded
    With perfection
    Just as the girl
    with a smile on her lips

    Folds up her innocence in
    the loneliness of her dreary
    life waiting for the end of
    the long tired day

    When the pay is prostituted
    from the eyes of the wealthy
    cheating the irony of her beauty
    and virginity from a life called
    worthy with the respect
    to feel attractiveness

    A love for the suitor
    Instead, the dollar,
    pays for the
    sale of her body
    from the trenches
    of poverty in
    her reality

    1. the prostituted dreariness of the cheap trenches she is stuck in comes through. nice

    2. I agree. So sad, the hard life really shows through.

    3. Yeah, absolutely. Such a painful painting to look at!

  3. Muscular arms
    Push steady and firm
    as steam makes
    Sweat beads roll

    Pay attention
    Or the fabric yellows
    And then there’ll be
    No dinner

    Will the
    perfect crease
    be noticed
    He’ll only notice
    the lady
    on his arm.

    Ironing lady
    You’re a lady too,
    Drink wine
    Wash away
    That thought as
    Sweat beads roll.

  4. I love how you highlight the lack of appreciation, and how still they press on

    1. washing away the thought we all know is the lady feeling without dinner and the feeling of the work unnoticed just as she, being full of sweat

  5. Women Ironing, Edgar Degas

    my eyes
    are a betrayal
    are for the young
    shawled in virgin
    before the letting,

    but I will hold
    my salt— seasoning
    to the moment

    when all me
    poured out.

    1. Yes! Fantastic poem man! Your second on this subject

  6. Don't you know how to Iron?

    My mother taught me
    the British way, pressing
    the crispness of a first appearance
    on the edges of shirt cuffs
    My Canadian granny would lift
    country-air starch straight off the line
    A Frenchman demonstrated
    the naughtiest of tricks, pressing
    fashion into parts seen while leaving
    a haberdashery of rumples underneath
    My mother-in-law instructed me
    the German way, putzing
    housewifely duty into the fibers
    of every cotton product in the house

    I am studied and fluent
    in many the languages of ironing
    My American self makes laundry
    permapress easy and wrinkle free

    Do you understand now, Husband,
    the many ways to explore and press a culture
    into the fine white collar of your workshirts?

    1. I love that you make this about the real world too!

  7. to cloud the pain
    hasten the rush to death
    escape life