Friday, October 9, 2015

October 9

Seurat's painting:


  1. Angelica at the Rock, Georges Seurat

    her defensive hands hang
    without the slimmest
    article of modesty— long hair
    tied away from her body— while
    someone stares from the shadows
    right outside of view.

    and this Hell
    is orchestrated,
    maestro with wand
    delivering instruction

    sharp moans
    from the girl’s
    lips an eruption
    of skin

    the mutilation of a Cherub,
    leaving the world
    with just another pretty face.

  2. Angelica

    You always were an idiot
    with your luscious dark hair
    and smooth, white skin
    Bored with a humdrum happy world
    you sought ways to be different
    Partying at night like a vampire
    feeding your inner dominatrix
    alcohol dosed with red bull

    How that pleasuring felt so free
    vibrant living without responsibility
    Now you hang from your chain
    illuminated for the world to see
    unaware of the darkness of your cave
    rolling your eyes because
    you thought life would be a little cooler

  3. Seurat

    She blisters her wrists
    With handcuffs
    Trapping integrity
    and her dignity like
    A bird in a cage to
    sing a song of freedom
    With the door of the cage
    Swung wide open
    Wanting the sadistic pleasure of men
    Trapped inside the cage like the soul
    Full of pain and bondage holding her
    Without regard
    Not to please
    Only to punish
    With a lasciviousness
    Forcing her down
    The path of domination

  4. Injustice

    This is not to be born!
    Who are they,
    to truss me?
    These pests of the gutter
    Who are they,
    to judge me?
    I am surely not to blame
    for my station
    God placed me!
    Why am I to suffer,
    for the misfortune
    of these fools?
    Is it my cross to bare?
    I did not cast
    their broken lots
    Oh, why must they judge?
    Am I to die,
    for being me?

    1. Love it! You've occupied the mind of the character

  5. Child Angelica
    How sad that
    Exploding from your innocence
    Are breasts so firm.

    There was no chance
    To throw jacks
    Or meet the morning light
    Rubbing noses with a cat.

    Instead lust shattered
    Your very being
    Why did no family
    Rescue you.

    Had they learned
    Rock chains could not be broken
    Had their hungry stomachs
    Turned their eyes away.

    Oh mournful eyes
    You cut my heart
    I swim in your sorrow
    And weep.

  6. in this shame
    eternity dressed
    with your wealth