Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1

Margaret Garcia!


  1. I am pleased and saddened to report that I will not be writing any poems this month, since I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo.... wish me luck! See you all in a month♥

    1. Good luck Molly! NaNoWriMo is tough but it can be satisfying!!

  2. The Tree

    There was a drive from
    Mojave to Tehachapi
    And by night you would
    be on a stretch of the highway
    with your headlights glaring
    up the road and the silhouette
    of a figure would be looking out
    at the edge of the road like a
    hitchhiker would be standing
    You would have to take a second
    glance as you got to the curve up
    ahead to where the figure was and
    it turned out to be the shape of a
    Joshua tree in the shadows looking
    like a human figure
    This was an optical illusion
    and would always fake you out
    unless you remember about it
    being a tree on the side of the road

    the burning of one of these trees would
    also look like a person on fire with
    All the illusions of burning alive
    Becoming into reality when the
    fires burned in California by the
    Artist Margaret Garcia
    depicting the desert tree burning
    in the desert country
    As the trees burned in the
    illusion which was happening
    during the fires reality
    Being we burn alive
    showing us the destruction
    of life and the illustration
    we are to suffer
    just as the animals
    and the environment
    is destroyed

    1. That's great Daryl. I LOVE it! Fantastic poem!

  3. Desert Courtship

    El Saguaro
    surrendered to
    old Yucca's charms

  4. Nightime simmers red
    Burn the hate away
    Tree returns to earth
    Ash waits for rebirth.

    1. Yeah, I think you've captured the artists emotion!!