Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10

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  1. My poem ended up under the previous day's challenge.

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  3. Today you came out angry
    Body twisted in rage
    Your sister was raped
    Your uncle shot
    Pleading for food.

    Today you came here
    Expecting to throw stones
    Mind full of torment as you
    Passed the potholed hospital
    Where doctors mended bones.

    You placed your kerchief ready
    To stop the tear gas spray
    Dwarfed beside the wall
    Death silence everywhere
    Something happened to you there.

    Suddenly you felt all the blood gush
    To countless stricken hearts
    Innocent tears suspended
    Anchored in the sand
    Something happened to you there.

    With your Stone suspended
    Transposed into time
    You understood violence
    Would never bring loved ones back
    You accepted your own death.

    You turned and spied a flower
    Took it with you as you returned
    To sit in cellphone witness
    In full hilltop view
    And you held your neighbor’s hand.