Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12

Image from the 101 Freeway. By the way, do you think LA will get the Olympics in 2024? Do you want it to?


  1. The Face Of The Games

    The Olympics are here in 1980
    And the homeless are gathered and shipped to Hades
    Out in the desert where they were out of the way
    About 200 miles give or take a day
    To ever return into the ghetto
    This is our culture, a sweep clean like a stiletto
    Stuck in the eye as we try to lie
    And clean the streets where the homeless try
    To survive on a daily basis
    Where we can't have the world see the traces
    Of the life in the street to seek the truth
    Of unemployment from the elder to youth
    We show the world we are a world leader
    Without revealing a panhandling greeter
    As the Chinese, Russians and other giants
    Judge the way we look reliant
    And think the streets are clean as a whistle
    Without the homeless to compete with the missiles
    And the guns and bombs and the wars we engage
    And the fun of the then running Summer Olympic Games

    1. great Daryl. and what a pro at rhyming. thx

    2. Love it. Great work with the couplets too!

  2. Universal center thought everyone
    Galileo said not, we circled sun.
    They condemned you for heresy
    You gave us science, astronomy
    Telecommunications, boeing parts
    Athlectic shoes, artificial hearts.
    Quartz clocks and cordless tools
    From those aeronaut research fools.
    But the jobs did not stay
    Contractors found cheaper pay
    Congressionals with greater clout
    Left southern Cal spaced out
    Now debris floats in space
    Humans searching for a place.
    To discover galileo moons
    Cooked this planet, leaving soon.

    1. Love this Jeanne! I love how you used the rhyme too!