Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13

Kent Twitchell's work


  1. War Prose

    The image of Steve McQueen on a wall says it all
    To a country and to a nation where we are ill willed
    To still say communication with each other as a world
    Comes down to a culture where Hollywood twirls
    The argument of the demise
    where Sadam Hussain wanted to rise
    against the infidels to destroy the people looking for a sequel and rejoiced in tinsel town being in our eyes aimed at our culture with no surprise as the war
    to end all wars was a clash of culture as we were told democracy were the
    reasons our soldiers went to defend against invading forces with a preemptive strike was our way of course as the lie was as big as the Jihad they waged
    After the fact we attacked and engaged in a war we are still fighting for
    To even the score with nine eleven or just the way we choose to battle
    When Russia invaded Ukraine, did we get just as rattled?
    We want war, that is what our economy
    thrives to achieve
    To build bombs and bomb
    all of the evil believed
    to be the enemy
    If we could turn
    back time to a peaceful remedy
    instead of kill or be blind
    let us communicate and
    relate and instill the will
    to be great and not
    hesitate to fulfill a
    peaceful will

    1. that's great man. You've taken a really non-political statement and made it one!

  2. It’s a Hollywood thing
    Painting movie stars,
    Larger than life
    Hairy chest and blue jeans,
    Blue dreams or
    Downer blues.

    When you turn to
    Enter your house
    Is that blank stare
    Always there
    Commanding presence
    Never aging.

    Do you ever scream
    Today I feel pink
    I don’t want billboard big
    I just want to sit
    on my front porch.
    And be me.