Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 18


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  1. Why don’t people pick up litter
    Bear doesn’t ponder that
    No intense moral lesson
    Just a gentle chat.

    It’s time for your flu shot
    This way to the train
    Here’s a nice place for you to sit
    To get out of rain.

    Listen inner child
    Who longs for simple care
    Stop racing to compete
    Stop defending the dare.

    Will you lean in friendly bear
    Whisper in my ear
    Tell me all is well as
    The boss makes me tear.

    Will you grab newspaper, bear
    Block homage to war paid
    Blow NSA transmissions
    Is that in your pay grade?

    Be gentle with us bear
    We’re a little stressed
    Anxiety abounds
    Our psyche a little messed.

    Help us settle, bear
    One step as we go
    Cradle our survival
    Crisis, tally ho.