Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 19

Martha Alf


  1. Pears rumble and sway in the shadow light
    Gently touching pouches, with stubby stems upright.

    It’s an eyebrow raise, to check out the pear clan
    Is this one rotten, is this one arcane.

    Ah this is the one, for orgasmic goodbye
    Slipped in just in time as cook, readies the pie.

  2. Three Pears

    The prompt is a delicious one
    That accounts for a couple of pears
    Sitting together like a young couple
    Of friends emotionally stuck in the
    Fruit world we wish we could see in
    The individual pear off in the corner
    Who wishes for what the couple has
    As the partners in life want what the
    Individual has ideally the single solitude
    The time alone to reflect and be close
    to the Creator as a spiritual fruit
    Then their is the relationship of the two
    Pears as God reflects on their arrangement
    also as a couple getting closer to the Creator
    As the individual pear contemplates togetherness
    The couple wonders of experiencing the solitary life

    1. I love it man. Psychological and interesting!