Friday, November 20, 2015

November 20



  1. The Rose

    A simple beauty doing her duty to comprise of petals and corolla with the fragrances we soak in the fantasy with the petals and the stem circling in a universe within the moment girls learn to want and women yearn the men who know romance when flowers awake the passions and the principles of beauty

    1. I love that. It's one sentence and focused. Publish this one man!

  2. You twirl in compound rhythm of a waltzing partner round. Your white skirts circle high in whirling dervish dance, then fall with abandon in gentle chamois folds. Stillness captures my soul, as I applaud your beauty. A breeze softly rises, etching a waft of old rose scent across the air. My nostrils flare in delight. A sigh escapes me as your fragrance evokes deep memory. I am suspended in your spell, until the evening shadow flickers across my cheek. I reluctantly turn away, tucking my recollections in your petal blossom ravines. I promise, I will return.