Friday, November 27, 2015

November 27

Your favorite or least favorite television show!

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  1. Pop Synopsis

    Animated for adults
    American Dad
    Where family
    Has an alien
    Living in the upstairs
    addict because of the
    life saved
    C.I.A. operative
    Stan Smith
    Owes the favor
    To Roger the extra
    Terrestrial who really
    is a funny alien
    Weird shaped head and
    short stout legs with big
    eyes always wears a wig
    and changes persona's
    As a disguise
    The family has a wife and
    daughter and son
    The very liberal daughter
    Hailey jokes with the mega
    ultra conservative father as
    Younger brother Steve are
    typical teenagers
    With Steve's friends from
    school makes the show a
    laugh out loud comedy
    The pet fish
    Who is really a German
    Holocaust officer
    put in a fish's body
    as punishment
    from the C.I.A.
    always is ignored
    And wife Francine
    always goes along
    with the wild antics
    of her husband as
    this is the cast for
    the show
    The alien Roger, Steve
    and Hailey with Klouse
    the fish as the alien is the
    real star of the comedy
    Seth McFarland dubs the
    voices for the characters
    and produces the laughter
    full of re-runs
    Never missing an episode
    though you know them
    when you see them
    many times over
    The spin off from
    Family Guy
    Also a brilliant comic relief
    Same kind of family with the
    nit wit cast of clowns like the
    stupid father and the same screwed
    up family taking after
    All in the family
    With a dose of Stewie
    The mad scientist baby
    who talks of world domination
    When only the dog and him
    really know what he is talking about
    Funny shows and all time favorites!!