Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3


  1. As you said on Sunday, sometimes the formal
    restriction helps. I stayed with the 5/7/5 syllable count.

    American Mexican Coffee Shop

    Serving you, but not
    quite yet. Barred and locked up tight.
    Weight of morning light.

    Lavina Blossom

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    1. Thank you. These prompts are such a great idea.

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  5. This is not a haiku, by any stretch of the imagination.

    American & Mexican Coffee Shop

    On the East Side of Middle of Nowhere, Los Angeles
    a hand-painted sign hangs above the slide-out bars
    on the door, it reads in English:


    It’s morning in America, if you are willing to come in, you can
    choose one of the miss-matched chairs and sit at a table
    that was rescued from a yard sale. This is where you’ll begin
    learning to speak Spanish and to ignore the burger combo
    as you order a real breakfast from whatever family member
    happens to be working behind the counter.

  6. The open sign blinks
    on and off with red and blue
    hoping for patrons

  7. This Lazy Morning

    The corner coffee shop is closed
    Its eyes shut to the world,
    slowly its blue blanket sky
    unfolds her arms in praise.

    Shadows hold their breath,
    anticipate the clank of metal,
    turn of the key, doors swing open,
    Aroma of eggs, bacon and fresh brewed Folgers.

    The first customer of the day
    comes around the corner
    and stumbles inside
    with hands full of roses.

  8. Shadow crossing guard
    Punctuate our welcome toast
    Black coffee, no cream.