Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30

You win!!


  1. Burger in New York
    (video of Andy Warhol)

    As I watch
    Like I am
    looking into a mirror

    I see myself
    sitting and eating
    a fast food hamburger

    One bite and another
    how big the whopper is
    A true American staple

    And the food
    making us able
    to call ourselves

    To call our lives
    at least

    Where Rodney Allen Rippy
    Can say he is cute as is
    Andy Warhol when we all

    Salute the

    it seems eats one of these a day
    But at a closer examination
    I see the scene and say

    Do I really need to eat
    What we are fed in the

    When lentil soup can
    feed two thousand people
    compared to a dozen whoppers

    How obscene it is to watch
    Warhol eat it and know we grew up
    on the counting of the hamburgers

    of the local McDonald's golden arches
    and the freshness of the In and Out burger
    We murder with mad cow in the grinder

    Why do we need
    ketchup when the
    dry fries are fixed

    With saturated oil
    and don't forget
    the soda

    The liquid sugar
    that I am sure
    you are chugging

    as we finally get to the end
    of the delightful burger

    And wrapped up in the
    paper only to be thrown
    away as garbage

    A mess we refuse
    To see without

    Just a bit too much
    My sweet Andy

    We might just
    be out of touch!

    1. Your poem takes us through the whole ride. Great work Daryl. (p.s...I loved this Andy video too... sent the link to a few folks with my Happy Thanksgiving dinner greeting but... I think they did not appreciate the art)

  2. Audition for choir of Banksy
    No more can we do war
    Mindless robots we are
    Experts in shopping
    The world drowns in rain
    To blinded to fight.

    It's the twilight of the fight
    New statements of Banksy
    Glare through pelleting rain
    Rip open the veil of war
    There is an alternative to shopping
    Expose who we are.

    Let our nature be
    A nonviolent fight
    Crucifix the shop
    Join the wall at west Banksy
    Throw flowers at the war
    Sprout hope from the rain.

    Panda bullet rain
    Machine gun mona lisa you are
    Child lost in the war
    Flowers abducted to fight
    Paint now with Banksy
    Ronald Mac alone you shop.

    Crucifixed bags of shopping
    Now nourished by fresh rain
    We have learned to be Banksy
    We have learned to be
    We have learned to fight
    We have learned alternative to war.

    Panda no the climate war
    Crucifix no the shop
    Flower no the fight
    No the weapons rain
    Yes with Banksy.

    We’ll rain on parades of war
    We’ll stop and frisk shopping cultures
    We’ll fight, with Banksy vision.

    This poem not so much written well, but Bansky so fab I enjoyed writing it. Immensely enjoyed all of this Ekphrasis month (though out of touch myself with modern media at the end so lost me there.) Great work. Thanks John.

    1. It's great work, and I love what's happening in art today too!