Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4

Millard Sheet's mosaic on the Garrison Library


  1. Oh mighty institution of self-serving need
    Your edifice allows our survival script
    We won’t fall for propaganda of hopeless politic
    We will study and
    Learn your lesson.

    Antony and Cleopatra, narcissistic naked crime
    Pleasure and survival broadcast on gossip news
    Ratings ravish each cinematic episode
    Pity our weakness mixed in
    Your mosaic slog.

    Romeo and Juliet, exuberant naiveté
    American idol winners of wordsmith fame
    You Millennial egos with impetuous sword
    Occupied the 1% on sound moral ground
    Tear-gassed by fate they cut you down
    We commit to your path.

    King Lear you were suppose to be the sage
    Insanity can’t stop thunder
    Why do friends still help you, are we that community
    Can we save you, ourselves, Cordelia
    And human history?

  2. That's great Jeanne. I love the structure of your poem too!