Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5

I remembered this incorrectly. Not a basket of fruit but just one orange.


  1. Winds of Change

    She is lovely
    The lady with the orange
    Pure as the sun that shines

    She sells the commodity of the groves
    In the region from her smile in her wealth
    And her soft skin is as white as snow
    Like a pin-up spread from the late 50's

    As she holds the richness in her hand
    A fully formed juicy orange representing
    Her position with a home and a family
    as her housewife position is to labor

    Raising her children while her husband
    works a full time job
    The depiction of a perfect home
    and a life where the times are ironic

    The soft white skin uses Noxema
    every night as she kisses her children
    to bed with prayers on their lips
    and a nightly ritual having after dinner wine

    Before the fireplace in her luxury
    and her perfect husband, faithful
    and handsome who comes home
    to her lovely six square meal

    Now in the reality of the area
    Where the art is exhibited on tiles
    It displays opposition with contradiction
    Where a house is not the common

    You now have apartment complexes
    with many miles of trailer parks
    and cheap housing with paying rent

    A loving wife is not as common as
    a common law wife which is likely
    to be undisclosed
    The children run a muck

    Without Christian background
    or upbringing and a society more
    with a violence than has ever been
    known before with murders on the news

    As guns are growing in schools
    and classes are the headlines
    being disrupted with shooting
    and stabbings

    The wine after dinner
    is replaced with a case
    of beer and drugs are the
    top of the list of problems

    In this area of crime and gangs
    with pets like pit bulls or rottweilers
    Where bars are full
    of after hour boyfriends

    Who never intend to marry
    or settle down with a relationship
    Being single and free
    Drunk in front of the T.V.

    1. Thanks Daryl. It's really something to look at contrasts with eyes that see.

  2. Meet your landlord. Manicured eyebrows frame caucausion ocean eyes, declaring in earnest that we take care of our impeccably designed and well-maintained property. The sparkle white smile can be trusted to provide you with stainless steel appliances, in-house steam room, keyed bike rack lounge with tire repair person on duty, and triple-lock bolt video system to keep you safe. In our lobby you will find our signature orange-cucumber water, picked fresh daily from our rooftop veggie spread. We welcome you home from your tech job day.

    Ten blocks up from Orange Lady’s penthouse, I am your landlord too. The city has not asked my picture for their Chamber of Commerce post. Maybe they were concerned the photo shoot might capture the section eight neighbors toking smokes on the front porch; or that the blowing garbage from dumpster diving, might compromise the commercial message.

    This billboard was paid for by pro tenancy groups. Their drafty rat infested survival plea for family is no-brainer reasoning. Landlords are capitalistic slimes who raise the rent $700/month at whim, causing gentrification at warp speed. Contribute to the billboard fund. Occupy the penthouse. Strap tighter tenant protection laws.

    I am your landlord too; fixed low income, underwater for 12 years small property owner me. I’m sorry the $17 month rent increase your laws allow, won’t pay for stainless steel appliances; nor deferred maintenance, solar panels, or seismic safety. But please put up more billboards. Scapegoating is so much easier, than figuring out problems. And what would we do without daydreams, orange and cucumber water welcoming us home.