Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6


  1. The Giving Of Love

    The sustenance of life
    The breath to survive
    A desire to aspire
    A satisfaction
    A great fate
    Requiring action
    A measure of treasure
    A peace to seize
    Believing in our hearts
    And releasing with ease
    Giving to each other as we
    Discover the return is
    Not what we expected
    As we learn to discern
    A reason beyond mere words
    To appease and
    Love the world
    As we spiritually wish
    For something more
    When literally we are with
    The one thing we are for
    The same aim we desire in ourselves
    The love we give is within us and dwells
    Among the song as we belong
    Happy and pleased
    Longing happiness and with the belief
    We agree to see and have better
    Than to be forced to be with forever
    Of course we relate to a state of well being
    Where every soul awaits in seeing
    What becomes after all
    When love for some is not a love to solve
    But a love for only the lonely, being untrue
    Let us love all like a love for me and you!
    And all will be one as one is recalled
    To love each other as a brother is called
    To seek the meek and help the poor
    Speak strong, not weak for yourself
    And the world where boys and girls grow
    And where joy and love knows
    No boundaries in country and is with sound advice
    To be grounded in something other than to suffice
    Giving to only live in peace gives to the lonely
    Without the giving to increase
    Love for more than a love as we go
    Love outside our own ego
    Love within and without
    Love your own and about
    Love above and below
    Love the love for the spiritual
    Understanding as we are standing
    On the precipice
    Can you see passed the sacrifice?
    See beyond the gift, beyond the dream
    See through the universal theme of love
    To love each as you reach for life
    See above the teaching and beseech
    The strife to live and experience hardship
    Forgive the appearance we are heart sick
    And need the love we seek from another
    As you see it now, we speak for each other
    And positively see how opposition
    Constantly breathes without imposition
    We see ourselves in each other
    Where we dwell and recover
    Seeing the division in us all
    As we unite and fight to not fall
    But to love instead of divide
    Rise above and decide
    To live with him and her alike
    Forgiveness given gives
    From within and is right
    For giving forgiveness
    Is not given to give in
    But is given to give
    As forgiveness wins

    1. I love teh repetition man. It makes the poem!!

  2. Three Democratic Candidates
    Livestream public art
    Democrat forum ends
    Poignant questions,
    Two dodge inquiry as
    The woman spins story.
    Which candidate reflects
    The me I want to be
    For revolution.

    Fruity goddess Pomona
    Livestreams public art
    Fields of fruit trees end
    Poignant questions,
    Despair, as
    Money spins the story.
    Mosaic truth reflects
    Who people want to be
    The revolution.

    1. Ha! I love how you've brought this into the now!