Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 7


  1. See here

    The medium is
    a mural monolith
    reflection of what
    it means to be a

    The piece stretches forth
    and invites the throngs of
    diversity and ethnicity displaying
    the past and present cultures

    Coming together to see the
    industry and the modernization
    of the city which also reflects a
    history with the natives settled

    here by the rich as well as the poor
    the pioneers we know as the fruit pickers
    and the agricultural backs brought by
    unemployment and hardship to invest

    And toil making the this city
    a strong metropolitan
    utopia to destine growth
    as well as change

  2. I can’s comprehend the landscape
    Workers past and those to come
    Tires discarded
    Technology ahead.

    I can only start this day
    Which escapes me all too soon
    Till I return to bed,
    Wrangling remorse.

    There I gaze from my pillow
    And see your outstretched hand
    Cupped fingers ready
    To cradle weariness.

    You focus my vison
    Clear away my thoughts
    I can make it through the moment
    With your hands in my heart.

    1. You've brought this beyond the art, and into a discussion of something much larger!