Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1


  1. Winter After a Poor Harvest

    Christmas breaking hard upon the California coast
    Dead waves clawing crippled structures
    Leaning warehouses, crumbling churches, imperfect corners
    The waters of the San Jaoquin drag them away
    To be torn apart and ground into sand
    Arsenic falls in gentle layers of powder, quiet and gray
    Blown in billowing clouds from the northern waste
    Where hungry air howls, scraping bedrock.
    Starved of life to strip away, left only bones to gnaw,
    Until life reemerges from the fabric of the Earth

    1. That's great. It really captures the middle coast area especially

    2. Awesome Mark! Great images and lots of movement. Good stuff.

  2. There's no edit feature here, right? You have to delete and repost if you want to tinker?

  3. Winter in Oakland.

    Restraining disappointment
    The morning, still finds me
    Opening the spicot
    To fill the water can.

    With El Nino still a ghost
    I loose a gentle shower
    On the 4 inch
    Drought tolerant friends.

    Thermo jacket zipped
    I stomp across the mulch
    Patting down the holes
    Left by busy squirrels.

    The flame red holly berries
    Remind me to not to lag
    Gather my Christmas branches
    Before the cedar waxwing feast.