Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10


  1. Orion blazes in the sky
    Iron street lamps
    Lightly flicker back
    Soothing darkness
    Tucks its edges tight.

    My teeth clamp firm
    To brace the cold
    Puffs of smokey breath
    Curl round my scarf
    Wiggle fingers, I remind myself.

    Watchful eyes scan the ground
    Follow fossil prints of ice
    Choose a big man-boot to follow
    See the small feet circling
    Hear the laughter of their play.

    Emptied of thought, filled with the night
    Peaceful stillness permeates.

    1. Wonderful poem. I really love this. I like the peace in it!

  2. Hide and Seek

    Under the light post
    The fluorescent lighting
    Creates a mystic
    Almost surreal enchantment

    We pick our teams
    And play in the street
    Few cars came down
    The dead end road

    Where the kids played
    One game in particular
    Where we called out
    Ollie ollie oxen free!

    It is the signal
    Where all who were
    Hiding in the surrounding
    Bushes and behind neighboring

    Walls would come out
    And declare they were safe
    Without being caught or put
    In jail when playing

    The kids hiding can come and free
    You if they touch the light pole
    Before being caught by
    The person searching

    The game can be
    Found in a variation
    With a can being placed
    At the corner for the signal

    To free the prisoners
    By kicking it as hard as you can
    An yelling out at the top of your breath
    "Kick the can"

    Of course the original version
    Is the more popular one though
    Since the person searching
    Protects the home base

    And can go only so far from
    the light pole or the can
    Before everyone can get caught
    Or be freed by the last survivor

    The next person is pick to "be it"
    And they go hide while they cover
    Their eyes and count to a hundred
    When they get done counting there

    Is a lot of snickering and whispering
    Going on by the hiders watching as they
    Peer around the corners and edges
    Wanting to save their partners from prison

    Of course you know how to play
    The game? It is the one all the
    Kids on the block use to play with
    Their breath being seen as they enjoyed

    The cold brisk air in the evening hours
    After dinner was served and all there was
    To do was play Hide And Seek or
    Kick the can in the cool nights

    Growing up at the end of the
    Street where the sign at the
    Start of the block read not a
    Through Street and all the traffic

    Was to come down the road
    By either someone who lived
    Down the dead end drive
    Or was just visiting as we yelled "car!"