Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11

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  1. Barnstorming for Bernie

    I jump into the car
    Off to the Silver State
    Met by drivers musk
    I’ll let the purpose lead.

    As driver charts the course
    I rock right and left
    Belted into the cocoon
    Remembering intention.

    The taped narrator breaks
    The speeding night air
    Comforting all chaos
    Dreaming building hope.

    Destination arrived, I spill into
    The Christmas lighted street
    As glittered stars hang and
    Coyotes yip .

    Snowflakes touch my cheeks
    Feet find icy grooves
    I deeply breathe
    Letting purpose lead.

    Now its the midnight hour.
    Strange lights lead me to a couch
    Dusty books are sentinels
    Worn cushions receive.

    I smell the old woman pass
    Toileting and age mixed tonic
    I relax into intention.