Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13


  1. Taking me out to sail
    After a poem by
    Ralph Burns
    "Fishing Winter"

    My dad was
    sailing and
    I was enjoying
    the time with him

    Noticing the frustration
    he was having with the
    boom while cursing under

    his breath
    the sail boat
    was not cooperating

    as the wind did not
    blow the boat in toward
    the dock as we drifted

    slowly coming back to
    the starting point we
    were greeted by a man

    who told him our problem
    as dad was relieved to see
    me back on dry land

    The man at the dock
    said you got problems
    as he exclaimed to my dad

    You don't know how to sail

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  3. Christmas Gravy for Gnocchis
    After Ralph Burns, Fishing in Winter

    Woman penciling the shopping list sees
    Mother pinching ingredients by heart
    Contadina cans on the counter
    Cut open. Pork neckbones ready. Mushrooms.
    Stove bubbling in the gravy pot
    Forgetting mother’s been dead
    Four years. She sees gravy splatter red
    on the pink kitchen tile.
    As she plans the Italian
    Christmas meal.

    Gingerly she asks mother if she can
    Steal. A sweet neckbone
    To its green melamine bowl in
    The red brick bungalow, warmed
    By meal preparations
    Two savoring the taste of
    Neckbones rolling in their mouth
    Nodding agreement. Mother makes
    The gravy best.