Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14


  1. Winter Snow

    (after William Carlos Williams)

    In the high elevation
    Of four thousand feet
    above sea level it often
    snows as it comes down in
    clusters getting bigger and
    bigger and falls harder and
    The trick is to stick out
    your tongue and try to catch
    the slow floaters falling like
    giant feathers from the fighting
    of pillows as if the heavens were
    having a raucous pillow fight
    which only God and the angels
    could possibly throw
    along with the laughter
    as the children on
    the surface of earth
    look straight up and
    wonder why they
    were not invited
    to tear it up?

  2. Winter Cat
    After William Carlos Williams, Winter Trees

    Sculpted fur balled columnar
    Your household inspection
    Of all nooks is complete
    Alert yet
    Resting deep
    You shed the winter chill
    Soaking in sun
    Hard wired
    Burglar alarmed.