Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28

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  1. Talks with Paradox

    I feel like being alone
    When really I am at home

    With my friends and family
    Who all depend on having the

    Same alone time when really they don't
    Realize the way to say no and won't

    Limit the time and place
    With who they choose

    With it your mind faces
    A will to refuse

    And replaces disrespect with

    To stay and reflect on the wealth
    Of maturing as you say to mother

    and son, be your own boss!
    And breathe in for number one

    To be alone at a cost
    Of offending those who

    Don't understand
    I may be alone

    But I am my own man
    And love to accompany

    Time with grace
    Above the assumption

    Mine is replaced
    By your desires

    To take up my time
    When you don't acquire

    To read between the lines
    I want to be with you as I choose

    Not to disappoint
    But to have freedom

    To refuse and take a chance
    With being alone

    The dance is the paradox
    And known to roam

    from a world of people
    To a world at peace

    By myself with God and nature
    Being the person to please