Friday, December 4, 2015

December 4


  1. Friday morning breaks on a
    Mediterranean winter
    Will the rains come
    To sunny California
    50 Celsius degrees
    As dappled green and brown
    Leaves cling to dancing arms
    Chanting morning praise
    On the redbud branches
    Outside my window.

    Mediterranean winter
    West of Jabal an Nusayreyah
    4 Celsius degrees
    5th year of drought
    Puffs of smokey grey
    Gather on the horizon
    Are they welcome rainclouds
    Or body parts settling
    From recent airstrikes.

    Eyelet lace curtains
    Splash across my windows
    Fenestrate wrinkled shadows
    And past the redbud bush
    Steps the geometric roof
    Of the local mosque
    With the old man seated
    Waiting at the door
    For the next gathering shift
    Of holy day prayer.

    The woman bundles close
    The child with wide eyes
    Slings the bustle on her back
    Keeps the toddler in line
    As they cross the inland steppes
    Of the Syrian desert
    On holy day
    Murmuring silent prayer
    Under the hajib.

    Cars pile up outside my window
    Squeezing passengers past
    The palm tree soldiers
    Its Friday high noon service
    Then again like clockwork
    The street explodes
    With white garbed men
    Greeting friends
    In animated
    Robust tones.

    The refugees walk
    Wondering if they will find
    A safe place to pray
    This holy day.

    1. I really love the way this wanders around the world. Great work!

  2. Meanwhile

    Meanwhile, in nature
    we see the suffering
    Created by pollution
    and yet nothing
    Is being done to
    resolve the waste
    Involving sums of
    greed and haste
    Let us instead of
    witnessing tragedy
    Address this mess
    and commit to having
    Companies contribute
    to the cleaning up
    Rather than pay tribute
    to the economic trust
    And have the courage
    to change the dishonest
    From the scourge to purge
    the age of the profit
    And make the plan
    more long term
    than taking
    A stand for
    your corporate firm