Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 17

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  1. Revision in terms of Collection

    My collection is about health in the sense of basic needs truly met.
    John’s suggestion for a medical collection using heart beat/rhythm was incredible.

    I am thinking about when I was with my mother in her last moments of life. She had been non-responsive with eyes closed for at least five days as her body systems shut down. The morning before I was to return to California, as I bathed and massaged her body, suddenly she opened her eyes. We held each others gaze for about 30 seconds of deep peace. Then her last cheyne-stoke breaths heralded the end of life in body form. Locked in visual gaze, her eyes rolled back, and I heard the unmistakable squeal of the last alveoli of her lungs closing for her last breath.
    I would image the continuity of breath in this collection, its oscillations through the stress response of fight flight and freeze, as breath moves toward coherence in physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
    At the collection start, there might be labored and anxious outbursts of steam in my many many angry health care poems; progressing toward more rhythmic thresholds of breath if I can manage that, and end in a letting go of peaceful alveolar release in vision.
    That would be cool.