Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6

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  1. The Blue Ones are New

    We were three sisters in school
    lunch contained two sticks of a Kit Kat bar
    two bars were missed every time
    My tongue licked melted chocolate
    rough fingerprints sweetened by regret
    the extra bars should be mine
    I was oldest and chocolate
    is not to be shared with siblings

    That was a childhood ago
    today a blue M&M stares at me
    cradled in the crease of my lifeline
    nudging Jupiter’s line of wisdom
    Marked “M” for mothers

    -- I'm a day behind in these, but the last revision was an example of the last line being the summary line... If there is virtue in predictability, it is making teachers all-seeing. However, the line made a better title. And the mothers re-emerged.