Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 9


  1. In The Night.

    Your stomach tube placement, was really high
    The neurologist said, the surgery was hard
    When I saw you, your breathing was always labored
    Swallowing was hard, and your talk revealed, a
    Paralytic tongue. I offered thoughts.
    But you planned, to go home, tomorrow.

    Obese, it was hard, for helpers, to move you.
    Though its protocol for sure, that patients
    Don’t slip down in bed. That - is life threatening
    Especially for you, with that feeding tube
    As Friday work ended, I said good bye,
    Off to my son’s Soccer game. The chart later read

    Friday night transfer to ICU, where you died
    No mention, that under our care, You slipped
    Down in bed
    In the night.


  2. Flower her

    A simple beauty doing her duty
    to comprise of petals and corolla
    with the fragrances we soak in the fantasy
    with the petals and the stem circling in a universe
    within the moment girls learn to want and women
    yearn the men who know romance when flowers
    awake the passions and the principles of beauty