Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1


  1. this rich beauty
    permeates my soul

    I soar within
    enveloped in its
    silky smoothness

    at home

    yearn for it
    when I am gone

    revel in it
    when I can even
    splash it with my foot

    amphibian in my soul

  2. And I lived by the sea
    with all its blazing tides
    foming and churning
    frothing like a rabid beast

    And I was challenged by the sea
    the waves like glassy swords
    sparkling as glitter
    shining like a crowned jewel

    And I blessed the sea
    guarding its mysterious dark
    its whispers in the murk
    keeper of the depth

    And I delighted in the sea
    the tinkling of the shore
    an echo of fluid bells
    like wind in Poseidon's chimes

    And I thrived on the sea
    salt and sand in my veins
    gritty and sweet
    in a shell nestled on ice

    And I lived for the sea
    with its wind like fingers
    caressing and scratching
    with invisible claws

    And I died in the sea
    her arms cradled me
    a silent majestic mother
    swaddled me in darkness

    And I became the sea
    blended with its liquid fabric
    all vengeance and might
    a current of dreams

    1. This is lovely! I've missed your poems and I am thrilled to see them now!

    2. It's good to be back. Missed you guys :-)

  3. Muse like the rain

    Pitter pat, like a cat
    on the top of the roof
    Pitter pat, pat-pat
    The rain falls soft at
    first if you
    listen for
    it pitter pat
    Pitter pat, pat-pat
    It then gets harder
    to ignore
    the sound is faster
    than before

    Like bacon frying
    in the pan waiting
    for the grease to splatter
    listen to the pitter pat
    pitter pat, pat, pat
    crispy bacon curling at
    the bottom of the frying pan

    Like the sound against the window
    pane as sheets of rain tickle
    the glass whispering names of
    little lost souls lost in the
    rain insane as it goes

    Cutting down all sound the rain
    sounds like the muse examining
    the pain of droplets used
    The music of the rain

    The sheets it speaks full of
    leaflets and wanes coming on
    stronger the rain drops came

    Speaking like the smooth sound of
    paper crinkling up to the shape
    of the can as the melody lingers
    after the rain is thrown down the drain
    into the garbage into the way it came
    down the gutter onto the pavement as
    you hear it drip drip drip and
    then it no longer lingers

    1. That's great Daryl. Love the sound imagery happening here!