Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10


  1. Lost Memories

    the bookcase stood with
    an arc of the old wall
    ghosted behind

    the books now silent
    shadows of the stories
    they had once spoken

    still stacked
    now in the open air
    waiting for the wind

  2. the tumbleweeds
    would roll down
    from the fields
    above Foothill

    the street feeding
    into our street
    was like a funnel

    the winter before
    we moved in
    they filled up
    our little
    back yard

    most of the houses
    had been empty
    for two years

    one of the
    neighbors was
    hired to watch
    the empty houses

    he decided to
    burn the tumbleweeds
    in our back yard

    I would find
    black sticks
    years after