Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12


  1. Reunion

    it was my 30th
    High School reunion
    in La Verne

    we were meeting
    at the new
    community center
    north of the
    High School

    I could see the
    foothills above
    La Verne when the
    reunion started

    it was still
    summer so there
    was a fire
    in the hills
    above Cucamonga

    when we left
    at midnight
    we were surprised
    to see the fire
    in the foothills
    above La Verne
    the burnt smell
    was strong

    I drove back
    to La Verne
    from Long Beach
    the next day

    we were going
    to have a picnic
    at Kuns Park

    when I got
    out of the car
    there was ash
    all over the park
    I could still
    smell the smoke

    there was a sign
    saying that they
    had moved to a
    pizza parlor

    the ash reminded
    me of the volcano
    ash we had in
    Beaverton in ‘80
    when Mount St. Helens
    blew her stack

    1. If I'd listened ahead I might have put this one on the 13th. It's funny, It should be easy for me to write the fire and water poems, but I've already written about both since I am fascinated with them. A few of these were rewrites, but I like to rewrite a poem, often starting completely from scratch.