Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16

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  1. In the Garden

    In Oregon we

    paper, plastic,
    glass, tin,

    we sorted each
    by their type
    in their bins

    the rest we tossed
    in the compost heap
    in the back corner

    egg shells, vegetables
    coffee grounds, we
    tossed in the heap

    very little
    was thrown
    in the trash

    Fall, and Winter
    the pile grew
    in a slow fire

    until Spring when
    the ground would thaw
    I would spread the compost

    on the little
    garden patch and
    turn the soil

    Michelle would
    plant the garden
    and all Oregon

    would have two
    or three zucchini
    hills when

    one was enough
    and in the

    was a new
    recipe for

    and another way
    to get rid
    of slugs