Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 17


  1. what lies below

    lower the box
    in the cold
    cruel earth

    has the soul
    left the body
    as the soil

    thumps on the
    wood deep in
    the earth

    cutting the
    body off
    from the

    air, the sky
    the sobbing

    lingering above

  2. What Lies Beneath

    Unlike the soil, what lies
    beneath the human spoils
    are sometimes lies. “What
    skies,” we might say, and
    “what bright flowers,” and
    even “what fascinating creatures of
    the earth,” secretly thinking,
    “which, thankfully, we are not.”
    Other names than “human”--
    a breathy word not unlike
    “heaven”--kept low.

    Beneath our commerce,
    within the dirt, are roots
    and microbes. And, granted,
    small in size, the rarely visible,
    does not always mean better
    or more true. But here, among
    rot, where “aloof” and has
    little room--strain though it might
    toward the sun—here in this
    particular dark, where bones
    linger, a slow and perhaps indifferent
    generosity exists. Slow, indifferent,
    but, generosity nonetheless,
    a giving back from a bountiful cache.

  3. Some great lines here. I love "this/ particular dark"!