Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2


  1. broken limbs, leaves
    puddles on the walk
    block your path

    I sweep them aside
    set your chair down
    for your slow walk

    stopping every few steps
    to sit and catch your breath
    enjoy the sun on your face

    missing for a day
    from the wind, rain
    confining you to the house

  2. Love this poem. You can see your haiku roots.

  3. Yes, for some reason I've been writing in 3 line stanzas recently.

    1. It probably just comes down to how long you wrote nearly exclusively in haiku.

    2. For years I worked on reducing my poems to the smallest unit. When I started writing haiku like poems (5 7 3) I wrote a few hundred or so. So now when I write even a longer poem that reduction is still there.

  4. The rumblings subsided
    Pounding drums in the sky
    Reduced to a hum
    The steady static
    Echoes from endless drops
    Tapers to a stop
    The sweet fragrance
    Drifting up from the ground
    An invisible mist
    The steady pecking
    As birds scavenge the grass
    A six-legged feast
    The sun peeks
    From behind the clouds
    Like a child