Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21


  1. Tending The Garden

    I can plant
    A seed and let
    It grow
    I can plant a seed
    And it will show
    From the ground
    a sprout of green
    From the dirt
    a life to breathe

    A garden
    Starting to take shape
    In pretty rows
    With vegetables
    And a great season
    with plants and things
    like asparagus
    and watermelon
    singing the songs
    of fruit

    as the weeds come
    and get pulled
    from the root
    My garden is starting to take
    My garden is starting
    To grow
    and unfold a pretty
    array of tomatoes
    with a soft texture
    of green

    As I spray with soapy water
    No pesticides for me!
    I want organic
    That is what I desire
    A planet of plants
    That I can aspire and retire

    To tending the garden
    My garden! The lush
    Of plants
    My garden
    The rush to take a stance
    And grow my own
    Grow a fruit
    Grow vegetables
    And pull out the roots
    of weeds always
    competing for life
    weeds it seems
    Strangles the life
    Of my garden
    So I tend to the chore
    of straightening out the weeding
    some more

    For the watering
    comes and goes
    as my garden grows
    And I wait for
    The perfect time
    For the fate
    Of my garden
    to harvest
    the crop
    The perfect
    opportunity to pick
    and choose which ones
    are ripe and which are

    I wait and wait
    For the perfect moment
    Of time
    When my garden
    Can give
    me all the
    climbing green beans
    the ready onions
    the red
    tomatoes the
    perfect fun in
    Harvesting all my garden offers

  2. lay me down
    in the deep
    cool ground

    my broken body
    cold and cruel

    let the maggots, worms
    have their feast

    don’t shed a tear
    turn and walk away
    a few have gone before me

    and you you
    will soon join